Home of Hope International
Helping children in need

J. Alex Perera
Executive director

Dear friends,

Through the many global events that affect our everyday lives, we are experiencing the transformation of the world into a “global village.” As we adjust to this new phenomenon, we begin to realize our responsibility to help the children in the many communities that make up this global village, especially those affected by poverty, war, famine and disaster. Whether we respond as individuals or on behalf of organizations and institutions, we all have the potential to give new hope to our global neighbours.

At Home of Hope International you can be assured that your donation goes directly to help children in need. And when we say Every Penny Is Needed, it is because we know from experience the good that even the most modest of gifts can do. We appreciate each and every donation people make to support Home of Hope´s ongoing work.

I encourage you to join with us in our effort to help children at risk. To support our international relief work, would you please consider a monthly contribution? The saying “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” can motivate all of us to give because the reality is Every Penny Is Needed!

Yours sincerely,